Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to teach everything about St. Patrick

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Long time, no see post, but we're back with a fresh new product that will make your kids eager to learn more about St. Patrick, Ireland and their customs. 

This is Curious Sally

This activity book is meant to teach the history of St. Patrick through a story. I decided to continue the series with Curious Sally and if you are interested in the others, here they are: Halloween Story , Thanksgiving Story, A Fall Story and The History of Valentine’s Day. All the packs include a 3 pg. story + comprehension, grammar and vocabulary exercises. 

As a bonus, this product and the Valentine's Day one contain an Audio File as well, with the stories being recited with an appropriate background.

In my years of experience I found that children tend to be a lot more interested in facts when they are engaged in a story of some kind, especially about a character they know and love. Here’s how Sally was born. Thus I taught them about the Thanksgiving history and the legends of Valentine’s Day. They were very impressed to read about the difficult life that Patrick had, and the wonderful things he did throughout his life. 

The Activity Book contains a 4 page long story regarding the history of St. Patrick, told in a familiar way with appropriate vocabulary.


After the children read all about Patrick, the meaning of the shamrock, traditional meals and other customs, they are required to answer some comprehension questions and other taks, to show their understanding of the text. 

Comprehension questions
Multiple Choice Questions
Arrange facts in alphabetical order

5 Facts about St. Patrick

True or False

I decided to also add some vocabulary exercises, to revise the meaning of synonyms, antonyms and homophones. The students have to colour some shamrocks according to the key. 


Then I wanted to make sure children enrich their vocabularies with some interesting words, and they were asked to rewrite a paragraph and replace the underlined words with more interesting ones. They can also use dictionaries.


The following exercise was quite funny, the students needed to indicate the 'odd' word from each list pencil. To continue, I also asked them to make lists also hiding a 'wierd' word, and the others had to guess which was it.


By far the most interesting activity was this one. The learners had to choose a situation and imagine what happened to Patrick and how things took place.

To end such a beautiful day dedicated to St. Patrick, we cut some bookmarks and children can use them until the end of the year.


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