Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Resources

Hey, everyone!

I setup the blog just in time for Halloween I guess, and that's pretty great because I get to show you what kinds of activities my students enjoyed the most.

1. I wrote my very first story this autumn. It's called Sally's Dream, a Halloween story about little Sally who is uncertain whether or not she dreamed about a bunch of scary creatures heading to her town.


I also included, as you may see in the picture above, reading comprehension exercises and vocabulary exercises. The entire activity book is decorated with funny Halloween clip art. My students also enjoyed coloring the book after finishing it.

Here are some more pictures:

Halloween Resources

2. For my younger learners I created an Activity Book .

It contains:
-Halloween Wordsearch;
-This is me on Halloween;
-Describe these (adjectives/describing words activity);
-Halloween Acrostic Poem;
-Halloween Riddles;
-Halloween Writing Prompts;
-Halloween Memory Game black and white;
-Halloween Memory Game Coloured.

I also printed out some Halloween Diplomas, they are also included in the pack. While my kiddos completed the activity book, they listened to Halloween Music.

Some pics of my second graders using the Activity Book:

3. Last year I decided to help them build their own pumpkin, but because I wanted to integrate some grammar I created the Irregular Verbs Pumpkin Activity.

How I used it:

The steps that you need to follow are attached in the preview of my product. 

-I printed them on green, respectively orange colored cardboard, and give each student one paper with leaves and one paper with the verbs. 

-I then ask each student to cut the leaves and the stripes. Before arranging the stripes they will be asked to quickly write the past simple of each verb. They can choose a partner with which to exchange stripes and check each other’s answers. 

-They need to and to arrange their stripes as seen in the preview (step 4), I help them staple the stripes before moving on to the following steps.

-To finish our pumpkin, we glue the leaves and draw a funny face on the pumpkin. 

And this is how it turned out. I was super excited about the result, and so were they.

4. Immediately after introducing a new concept I like to reinforce the new notions using a game or two. After teaching the plural forms of nouns I asked the students to play the Plural Nouns Board Game - Halloween Themed. 

The plural form of nouns is a rather difficult topic for them, so I created this game to make it a little more fun. 

The pack contains:

- two PDF files representing the game board – in A3 version and A4 version, you may choose whichever fits your needs best.
-The game instructions;
-4 movers monsters (tokens);
-18 answer pumpkins – coloured;
-18 answer pumpkins – black & white.

 All of these products were decorated with original, funny Halloween Clipart. 

5. The covers of my products were created with the help of some amazing digital paper that I have been working on since September. High quality, it can be used in various ways. 

I do love Halloween, it gives the children a chance to costume in their favorite characters and act like them.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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